Lost sr

4th and Mendocino, prior to the 1906 earthquake


Lost Santa Rosa:

What Santa Rosa do you Remember?

April 14 – September 16, 2018


Sunday, May 6

3:00 – 5:00pm

Change is the only constant. With the exhibition Lost Santa Rosa, the Museums of Sonoma County will explore the changing face of Santa Rosa during the city’s 150-year anniversary. Looking at moments of truly transformative change, Lost Santa Rosa will explore those elements of the city that have been lost over the years. With disasters such as the 2017 firestorms and the 1906 earthquake, losses can be sudden and breathtaking. The collapsed county courthouse in 1906 or the Fountaingrove Round Barn in flames become iconic images of natural disasters, ushering in unexpected changes. Other changes come about over time as the result of demographic shifts, conscious decisions or even neglect. From Santa Rosa’s Chinatown, to the neighborhoods displaced by Highway 101, this exhibition explores the city of Santa Rosa of the past, invites the memories of the community and seeks lessons for the future.