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Brad Baker and Sonoma Mountain Village

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Duskie Estes and Farm to Pantry

Exchange Bank

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Susan Feichtmeir and James Greaves

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Dr. Richard Ferrington; in honor of Kathleen Ferrington

Anne Fitzgerald

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Elizabeth Fredericks; in memory of Maurice Fredericks

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Mary Fricker

Bill and Suzie Friedman

Friedman Family Foundation Fund

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Dennis and Susan Fujita

Thomas and Cappie Garrett

Steven and Angela Gelber

Charles Gesell and Kerry Benefield Gesell; in memory of Jim Benefeld

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Jennifer Girvin

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Dick and Vivian Gong

The Grace Family

Richard Green

Bruce Grimes and Geoffrey Kaiser

Laurel and Daniel Grow

Evelyn Gurevitch

Amanda and Raymond Haas*

Handline Restaurant

Beth Hanson

Muncie and Stephen Harper

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Dorothy Herger; in honor of Marguerite Wildenhain and Pond Farm

Historical Society of Santa Rosa

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William Osterland

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Susan and David Parkinson

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Bernard and Glen Patnode

Les and Lani Perry

The Evert and Norma Person Fund

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Bonnie Portnoy

Joe Pozzi

Press Democrat

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Redwood Empire Chinese Association; in memory of Dr. Hsin-Chung Wang and Mrs. Huang-Ying Wang

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Mary-Louise and C. William Reinking

Gertrude Reynaud

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Estelle Rogers and Harold Kwalwasser

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Honey Rose (Midnight Sun)

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Sandra and Howard Sidorsky

Don and Susan Silverek

Lawrence and Jacqueline Simons*

Chris Smith

David Smith and Yvonne Martin

Jerald Glen Smith

Sonoma County Farm Bureau

Sonoma County Japanese American Citizens League

Diane Sotos and John Pashilk

Sharon Stanley

Charlene Staples

Arlene Stark Nielson and Bill Nielson

Howard and Norma Stoddard

Steve and Karen Strain

Kathy and Alan Strachan

Brent Stromgren; in memory of Jim Benefiled and Eliza Hodge

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Willie and Darlene Tamayo

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Phil Trowbridge

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Dr. Francisco Vazquez and Rosa Duran-Vazquez

Kirk and Pat Veale

Cairenn Voigt

Michael and Elaine Von der Porten

Jerome and Karen Wagner

Valerie Walder and Christopher Barker

Jo-Anne Wallace

Jennifer and John Webley

Randy Wells

Laura and John Whiting

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Wallace Wortman

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Loretta and Richard Zweig

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